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How This Kidney Stone Home Remedy Works

1 - Dissolving Effect As soon as you use this home remedy. The ingredients are filtered into the urine and rushed to the site of the stone where it begins to immediately dissolve any mineral clumps or hard deposits. Kidney stones are held together by a sticky substance known as mucin. Specialized ingredients can cause the stone to break apart by acting on this mucin.

2 - Flushing Effect Specific herbal extracts that will have a cleansing effect on the urinary system by increasing the flow of urine within the tubules. This property combined with the stone dissolving effect helps clear all blockages and expel all solid wastes.

3 - Tissue Protective Effect is known of anti-microbial activity that prevents bacteria from invading the urinary system. Additional anti-inflammatories also keep the urinary tracts from inflammation if irritated by stone movement. These ingredients ensure that you are able to pass your stone without discomfort or danger of an infection.

4 - Stone Preventing Effect Since kidney stones recur in over 80% of all cases it seems that the kidneys constantly form stones unless they regain the ability to keep minerals dissolved in urine. Active compounds in the Uriflow formula introduce stone inhibiting substances back into the urine and help resume normal function.

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